illiterature issue v. has just arrived home from the printers. It's been the most ambitious project to date, and I'm beyond pleased with how it turned out. I'm looking forward to sending these out into the world. Check out the Chapbooks page to order a copy. Only $12.00 + Shipping!


illiterature. issue v. is coming along well. So far it's been my most fun project to date. I've been doing a ton of copy & pasting, rearranging, formatting, etc., etc., etc...

Here are two sneak peeks from the upcoming chapbook.

Page 12 features work from: derek beaulieu, Andrew Topel, Nico Vassilakis, Lin Tarczynski, and Gary Barwin.

Page 13 features: derek beaulieu, Andrew Topel, Gene Kannenberg, Jr,
Nico Vassilakis, and Lin Tarcynski.

illiterature. issue v. will be printed and ready for the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, Saturday November 7th, 2015.


rob mclennan offers some insight and some kind words on my new chapbook,
check engine. rhinoceros. tungsten.

You can read the review HERE

You can order the chapbook HERE

The Puddles of Sky Press spring line-up is now available to order online.

Titles include:

The Hopeful Barnacle, New & Selected Poems by Andrew Nurse

check engine. rhinoceros. tungsten. by Michael e. Casteels

Hallelujah by Christine Miscione

Check out the Chapbooks page to order your copies.
Puddles of Sky Press is working full-steam-ahead. The spring 2015 titles have all been printed and are currently being cut, folded, sewn/stapled and pressed. I’m proud of these books, and so glad to have published Christine Miscione’s short story Hallelujah, and Andrew Nurse’s New & Selected Poems The Hopeful Barnacle. I’m also glad to have published my own chapbook of poetry, check engine. rhinoceros. tungsten.

We’re launching all three titles this Saturday in Peterborough, Ontario, as part of The-Great-Mini-South-Western-Ontario Prose & Poetry Tour. See below for details.

The chapbooks will be available to order online by May 11th.

May 2, Peterborough

5-203 Simcoe Street,
Peterborough, ON
K9H 2H6

Christine Miscione
Michael e. Casteels
Andrew Nurse
Justin Million

Reading at 3pm

May 3rd Hamilton

Homegrown Hamilton
27 King William St.
Hamilton ON

Michael e. Casteels
Nicholas Papaxanthos
Ariel Gordon
Andrew Forbes
Valerie Nielsen
Kate Marshall Flaherty
Patrick Friesen

Reading at 7:30pm

May 4th, Guelph

The Bookshelf
41 Quebec Street,
Guelph, ON
N1H 2T1

Christine Miscione
Michael e. Casteels
Sarah Richardson
Bieke Stengos

Reading at 7:30pm

May 5th, Toronto

Boneshaker Reading Series
1748 St. Clair Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 1J3

Christine Miscione
Michael e. Casteels

Reading at 7pm


Why Poetry?


Last week I was asked to contribute to The Whig Standard's 'AboutBooks' section. This column asked a few Kingston poets what poetry means to each of us, or more simply: Why Poetry? Here is my response:

Poetry transports me in a way no other writing can. I approach the writing of a poem with only a vague notion of what it will become, the possibilities being endless: a thousand page epic or a single letter on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. When I write, I’m never certain what will show up next. Sometimes it’s a delightful surprise, like a visit and old from friend who’s been lost at sea. Sometimes it’s startling, a shark in the bathtub. There are times when I finish a poem and something entirely unexpected has happened: a goldfish has appeared, swimming around my head. I wonder, where did that goldfish come from? It certainly wasn’t there when I began writing, or if it was, it was lost in the ether, oscillating between dimensions, and I’m just one of the chosen, the blessed, lucky enough to have caught a glimpse.

Two Chapters Toward an Epic offers two new prose poems from an ongoing prose poetry novel by Michael e. Casteels.

Only $2.00 + shipping

Check out the Chapbooks page to order a copy.

This mini-chapbook is also being sent out free with all orders of $15.00 or more.

Puddles of Sky Press is proud to have published this single-poem chapbook by Kingston poet, Bruce Kauffman.

Look for it around town. Sent out free with any other Puddles of Sky Press order.

4 pages. Saddle-Stitched

The Artel is a live-in artist-run gallery, venue and collective committed to fostering artistic growth by providing emerging artists with a supportive and stimulating environment. Since 2009 The Artel has been a home to Poetry @ The Artel, an open mic reading which has run on a continuous monthly basis. In January 2015 The Artel was given notice that their lease would not be renewed, and are to be out of the location at 205 Sydenham St. by April 30th. Though The Artel hopes to find a new location, this space will be sorely missed to all who have felt the magic of poetry, stories, music and community that have filled its walls.

illiterature., a journal of minimalist, surreal, and visual poetry is now available online. This issue features poetry by: Cameron Anstee, Sarah Burgoyne, Jaime Forsythe, Phil Hall, Marshall Hryciuk, Chris Michaud, Gustave Morin, Stephen Nelson, Brent Raycroft, Stuart Ross, & Robert Swereda.

Check out the CHAPBOOKS page to order your copy.